This document provides scenario level details for Gambia 1.2 of Kubernetes deployment with no SDN controller, no extra features and no High Availability enabled. Note this scenario is not supported for Gambia initial release and will be supported in a later service release of Gambia.

5.1. Introduction

This scenario is used primarily to validate and deploy a Kubernetes deployment without any NFV features or SDN controller enabled.

5.1.1. Scenario components and composition

This scenario deploys a Kubernetes cluster on bare metal or virtual environment with a single master node. TripleO is used to bootstrap all the nodes and set up basic services like SSH. An undercloud VM used similarly to Openstack deployments, however no Openstack services (Nova, Neutron, Keystone, etc) will be deployed to the nodes. After TripleO successfully executes all the bootstrapping tasks, Kubespray is run (using ansible) to deploy Kubernetes cluster on the nodes.

5.1.2. Scenario usage overview

Simply deploy this scenario by using the k8s-nosdn-nofeature-noha.yaml deploy settings file.

5.1.3. Limitations, Issues and Workarounds


5.1.4. References

For more information on the OPNFV Gambia release, please visit