Barometer Kali Release Notes

This document provides the release notes for Kali release of Barometer.


The Kali release is the first one since becoming part of Anuket, and focussed on changes that will make testing and integrating easier.


Testing and build tools were developed and updated to do the following:

  • A new reference container was added for the collectd-6.0 version, which is under development and represents a big API change that is not backwards compatible. This reference build should facilitate porting the plugins that were previously developed by the Barometer project.

  • Updated to the stable version of collectd to collectd 5.12.

  • Removed duplication in the three existing containers (stable, latest and experimental).

Some work was started but not completed in the Kali release:

  • Updating of the ansible playbooks for generating configs so that they will be easier to maintain and extend in the future.

  • Additional testing tools for verifying plugin functionality