This document provides the release notes for Iruya version of Doctor.

2.3.1. Important notes

Jerma release has mainly been for finalizing maintenance use case testing supporting the ETSI FEAT03 defined interactino between VNFM and infrastructure. This is mainly to have infrastructure maintenance and upgrade operations opttimized as fast as they can while keeping VNFs on top with zero impact on their service.

Further more this is the final release of Doctor and the more deep testing is moving more to upstream projects like Fenix for the maintenance. Also in this release we have made sure that all Doctor testing and any deeper testing with ehe upstream projects can be done in DevStack. This also makes DevStack the most important installer.

2.3.2. Summary

Jerma Doctor framework uses OpenStack Train integrated into its test cases.

2.3.3. Release Data

Doctor changes

  • Maintenance use case updated to support latest version of Fenix.

  • Maintenance use case now supports ETSI FEAT03 optimization with Fenix.

  • Doctor testing is now preferred to be done in DevStack environment where one can easily select OpenStack release from Rocky to Ussuri to test Doctor functionality. Latest OPNFV Fuel can also be used for the OpenStack version it supports.

Doctor CI

  • Doctor tested with fuel installer.

  • Fault management use case is tested with sample inspector.

  • Maintenance use case is tested with sample implementation and towards the latest Fenix version. The includes the new ETSI FEAT03 optimization. Version change Module version changes

  • OpenStack has changed Train Document version changes

All documentation is updated to OPNFV unified format according to documentation guidelines. Small updates in many documents. Reason for version

N/A Feature additions




VNFM maintenance with ETSI changes


DevStack support Deliverables

2.3.4. Software deliverables


2.3.5. Documentation deliverables

2.3.6. Known Limitations, Issues and Workarounds System Limitations

Maintenance test case requirements:

  • Minimum number of nodes: 1 Controller, 3 Computes

  • Min number of VCPUs: 2 VCPUs for each compute Known issues

None Workarounds


2.3.7. Test Result Doctor CI results with TEST_CASE=’fault_management’ and INSPECTOR_TYPE=sample




SUCCESS Doctor CI results with TEST_CASE=’maintenance’ and INSPECTOR_TYPE=sample





*) Sample implementation not updated according to latest upstream Fenix

and is currently not being tested.

2.3.8. References

For more information about the OPNFV Doctor latest work, please see:

Further information about ETSI FEAT03 optimization can be found from Fenix Documentation: