2.1. CI User Guide

2.1.1. Structure of the Releng Repository


Individual project CI configurations.


Collection of JJB defaults and templates shared by all projects.


Git submodule pointing to Global-JJB, which provides a variety of common CI jobs such as ReadTheDocs (RTD) builds.


This documentation.


Release configuration files for creating stable branches and tagging repositories and related automation scripts.


Collection of common utilities used by projects


Ansible configuration for managing build servers. This is where projects can add packages they need for their CI to the servers.

2.1.2. CI Setup Basic Setup

All projects are required to have a +1 Verified vote in Gerrit in order to merge their code. As a new project that comes in may not yet know how they want to setup CI, they can pass this validation by configuring a ‘no-op’ job to run against their changesets.

  1. Clone the Releng repository, using the Clone with commit-msg hook command under the SSH tab (displayed after logging in and uploading an SSH key):


    <gerrit username> in the command below will be your username in Gerrit when viewing the command on the website.

    For example:

    git clone "ssh://<gerrit username>@gerrit.opnfv.org:29418/releng" && \
    scp -p -P 29418 <gerrit username>@gerrit.opnfv.org:hooks/commit-msg "releng/.git/hooks/"
  2. Create a project directory under the jjb/ directory, and an intial project YAML file:

    mkdir jjb/myproject
    touch jjb/myproject/myproject-ci-jobs.yaml
  3. Modify the project YAML file to add the basic validation job:

    $EDITOR jjb/myproject/myproject-ci-jobs.yaml
    - project:
        name: myproject
          - '{name}'
          - '{project}-verify-basic' Docker Builds

Docker build are managed through the jjb/releng/opnfv-docker.yaml file. Modify this file with your project details to enable docker builds on merges and tags to your project repository:

- project:
    name: opnfv-docker'


      - 'myproject':
        project: 'myproject'
        <<: *master Documentation Builds

Documentation is build using they Python Sphinx project. You can read more about how these build work and how your documentation should be setup in the opnfvdocs project.

Create a file at jjb/myproject/myproject-rtd-builds.yaml with the following content:

- project:
    name: myproject-rtd
    project: myproject
    project-name: myproject

    project-pattern: 'myproject'
    rtd-build-url: <request from LFN IT>
    rtd-token: <request from LFN IT>

      - '{project-name}-rtd-jobs'


Open a ticket with a link to the change adding your documentation at support.linuxfoundation.org and the LFN IT team will provide you the rtd-build-url and rtd-token.

This will create jobs to build your project documentation (under docs/ in your project repository) on proposed changes, and trigger a rebuild on the RTD site when code is merged in your project.