3. Software Infrastructure

OPNFV Software Infrastructure consists of set of components and tools that realize OPNFV Continuous Integration (CI) and provide means for community to contribute to OPNFV in most efficient way. OPNFV Software Infrastructure enables and orchestrates development, integration and testing activities for the components OPNFV consumes from upstream communities and for the development work done in scope of OPNFV. Apart from orchestration aspects, providing timely feedback that is fit for purpose to the OPNFV community is one of its missions.

CI is the top priority for OPNFV Software Infrastructure. Due to the importance the OPNFV community puts into it, the resulting CI machinery is highly powerful, capable and runs against distributed hardware infrastructure managed by OPNFV Pharos Project. The hardware infrastructure OPNFV CI relies on is located in 3 different continents, 5+ different countries and 10+ different member companies.

OPNFV CI is continuously evolved in order to fulfill the needs and match the expectations of the OPNFV community.

OPNFV Software Infrastructure is developed, maintained and operated by OPNFV Releng Project with the support from Linux Foundation.

3.2. Source Control and Code Review


3.3. Artifact and Image Repositories

Google Storage & Docker Hub

3.4. Issue and Bug Tracking


3.5. Dashboards and Analytics