ViNePerf Configuration and User Guide


ViNePerf is an OPNFV testing project.

ViNePerf provides an automated test-framework and comprehensive test suite based on Industry Test Specifications for measuring NFVI data-plane performance. The data-path includes switching technologies with physical and virtual network interfaces. The ViNePerf architecture is switch and traffic generator agnostic and test cases can be easily customized. ViNePerf was designed to be independent of OpenStack therefore OPNFV installer scenarios are not required. ViNePerf can source, configure and deploy the device-under-test using specified software versions and network topology. ViNePerf is used as a development tool for optimizing switching technologies, qualification of packet processing functions and for evaluation of data-path performance.

The Kali release adds new features and improvements that will help advance high performance packet processing on Telco NFV platforms. This includes new test cases, flexibility in customizing test-cases, new results display options, improved tool resiliency, additional traffic generator support and VPP support.

The support for Openstack and Kubernetes was added in Jerma release, and Kali release adds additional testcases to it.

ViNePerf provides a framework where the entire NFV Industry can learn about NFVI data-plane performance and try-out new techniques together. A new IETF benchmarking specification (RFC8204) is based on ViNePerf work contributed since 2015. ViNePerf is also contributing to development of ETSI NFV test specifications through the Test and Open Source Working Group.

ViNePerf Test Guide

ViNePerf Test Execution