7. Anuket ViNePerf with OPNFV Xtesting

7.1. Introduction

User can use ViNePerf with Xtesting for two different usecases.

  1. Baremetal Dataplane Testing/Benchmarking.

  2. Openstack Dataplane Testing/Benchmarking.

The Baremetal usecase is the legacy usecase of Anuket ViNePerf.

The below figure summarizes both the usecases.


7.2. How to Use?

7.2.1. Step-1: Build the container

Go the xtesting/baremetal or xtesting/openstack and run the following command.

docker build -t

7.2.2. Step-2: Install and run Xtesting Playbook

These commands are described in OPNFV Xtesting Documentation. Please refere to OPNFV Xtesting wiki for description of these commands.

virtualenv xtesting
. xtesting/bin/activate
ansible-galaxy install collivier.xtesting
ansible-playbook site.yml

7.3. Accessing the Results?

ViNePerf automatically publishes the results to any Anuket Testapi deployment. User has to configure following two parameters in ViNePerf.

  1. OPNFVPOD - The name of the pod.

  2. OPNFV_URL - The endpoint serving testapi.

As Xtesting runs its own testapi, user should point to this (testapi endpoint of Xtesting) using the above two configuration.

The above two configurations should be done wherever ViNePerf is running (refer to the figure above)

NOTE: Before running the test, it would help if user can prepre the testapi of Xtesting (if needed). The preparation include setting up the following:

  1. Projects

  2. Testcases.

  3. Pods.

Please refer to the documentation of testapi for more details.

7.4. Accessing other components of Xtesting?

Please refer to the documentation of Xtesting in OPNFV Wiki.

7.5. Limitations

For Jerma Release, following limitations apply:

  1. For both baremetal and openstack, only phy2phy_tput testcase is supported.

  2. For openstack, only Spirent’s STCv and Keysight’s Ixnet-Virtual is supported.