1. Anuket Kali Release

  • Project Renaming: Project is renamed to ViNePerf from VswitchPerf

  • Supported Versions - DPDK:20.05, OVS:2.14.0, VPP:21.01, QEMU:3.1.1, Trex:2.86

  • Supported Release-Requirements.

    • Kubernetes container-networking benchmarking.

    • Tested Versions of Kubernetes: 1.19

  • Additional Features

    • Enhancement to core parts to support Kubernetes usecases.

    • Support newer versions of Ubuntu (20.04) and Fedora (33).

    • Enhance reporting to support Openstack and Kubernetes.

    • Added reference definition-files (network attachment, pod, etc) for kuberentes usecases.

  • Minor bugfixes

    • Avoiding some tasks for Kubernetes usecases.

    • Newer version of some python packages

2. OPNFV Jerma Release

  • Supported Versions - DPDK:18.11, OVS:2.12.0, VPP:19.08.1, QEMU:3.1.1, Trex:2.86

  • Supported Release-Requirements.

    • RELREQ-6 - Openstack dataplane performance benchmarking.

    • RELREQ-9 - Kubernetes container-networking benchmarking.

  • Additional Features

    • OPNFV Xtesting integration - Baremetal and Openstack.

    • Analytics of metrics and logs using Jupyter notebooks.

    • Custom Alarms from both metrics and logs.

    • Container metrics collection.

  • Traffic Generators.

    • Ixia - Support for using multiple instances of Traffic-generator.

    • Ixia - Live results support (real-time collection and storage)

    • TRex - ETSI-NFV GS-TST009 binary search with loss-verification support.

  • New Tools

    • Kubernetes cluster deployment.

    • TestVNF deployment in Openstack.

    • Server-side telemetry collection from the test-environment.

    • Version-1 of multi-dimensional TestVNF.

  • Multiple bugfixes and minor improvements

    • matplotlib version and log-dump.

    • VPP socket paths.

    • Newer version of some python packages.

3. OPNFV Iruya Release

  • Supported Versions - DPDK:18.11, OVS:2.12.0, VPP:19.08.1, QEMU:3.1.1

  • Few bugfixes and minor improvements

  • New Feature: Containers to manage ViNePerf.

    • ViNePerf Containers for both deployment and test runs

  • Improvement

    • Results Analysis to include all 5 types of data.

      • Infrastructure data

      • End-Of-Test Results

      • Live-Results

      • Events from ViNePerf Logs

      • Test Environment

  • Usability

    • Configuration Wizard tool.

4. OPNFV Hunter Release

  • Supported Versions - DPDK:17.08, OVS:2.8.1, VPP:17.07, QEMU:2.9.1

  • Few bugfixes and minor improvements

  • Traffic Generators

    • Spirent - Live Results Support.

    • T-Rex - Live Results Support.

  • Improvment

    • Results container to receive logs from Logstash/Fluentd.

  • CI

    • Bug Fixes.

5. OPNFV Gambia Release

  • Supported Versions - DPDK:17.08, OVS:2.8.1, VPP:17.07, QEMU:2.9.1

  • Several bugfixes and minor improvements

  • Documentation

    • Spirent Latency histogram documentation

  • Virtual-Switches

    • OVS-Enhancement: default bridge name and offload support.

    • OVS-Enhancement: proper deletion of flows and bridges after stop.

    • ViNePerf-vSwitch Architecture Improvement

  • Tools

    • Pidstat improvements

  • Traffic Generators

    • Xena Enhancements - multi-flow and stability.

    • T-Rex Additions - burst traffic, scapy frame, customized scapy version.

    • Ixia: Script enhancements.

    • Spirent: Latency-histogram support included

  • Tests

    • Continuous stream testcase

    • Tunnelling protocol support

    • Custom statistics

    • Refactoring integration testcases

  • CI

    • Reduced daily testscases

6. OPNFV Fraser Release

  • Supported Versions - DPDK:17.08, OVS:2.8.1, VPP:17.07, QEMU:2.9.1

  • Pylint 1.8.2 code conformity

  • Python virtualenv moved to python-3.

  • LTD: Requirements specification for Soak/Long Duration Tests

  • Performance Matrix functionality support

  • Several bugfixes and minor improvements

  • Documentation

    • Configuration and installation of additional tools.

    • Xena install document update.

    • Installation prerequisites update

    • Traffic Capture methods explained

  • Virtual-Switches

    • OVS: Configurable arguments for ovs-*ctl

    • OVS: Fix vswitch shutdown process

    • VPP: Define vppctl socket name

    • VPP: Multiqueue support for VPP

    • OVS and VPP: Improve add_phy_port error messages

    • OVS and VPP: Updated to recent version

  • Tools

    • Support for Stressor-VMs as a Loadgen

    • Support for collectd as one of the collectors

    • Support for LLC management with Intel RMD

  • Traffic Generators

    • All Traffic-Gens: Postponed call of connect operation.

    • Ixia: Added support of LISTs in TRAFFIC

    • T-Rex: Version v2.38 support added.

    • T-Rex: Support for T-Rex Traffic generator in a VM.

    • T-Rex: Add logic for dealing with high speed cards.

    • T-Rex: Improve error handling.

    • T-Rex: Added support for traffic capture.

    • T-Rex: RFC2544 verification functionality included.

    • T-Rex: Added learning packet option.

    • T-Rex: Added packet counts for reporting

    • T-Rex: Added multistream support

    • T-Rex: Added promiscuous option for SRIOV tests

    • T-Rex: RFC2544 Throughput bugfixing

  • Tests

    • Tests with T-Rex in VM

    • Improvements of step driven Testcases

    • OVS/DPDK regression tests

    • Traffic Capture testcases added.

  • Installation Scripts

    • Support for SLES15 and openSuse Tumbleweed

    • Fedora installation script update

    • rhel_path_fix: Fix pathing issue introduce by other commit

    • Updated build scripts for Centos and RHEL to python34

  • CI

    • Update hugepages configuration

    • Support disabling VPP tests, if required

7. OPNFV Euphrates Release

  • Improvement of stepdriven testcases

  • Support for graph plotting from vsperf results

  • Support for vHost User client mode in OVS and VPP

  • Support for DPDK 17.02

  • Support for dpdk driver NIC binding by drivectl tool

  • Support for openSUSE Leap 42.3

  • Several bugfixes and small improvements

  • vSwitches

    • Support for VPP virtual switch

    • OVS: Support for jumbo frames

  • Traffic Generators:

    • Support for Trex traffic generator

    • Support for huge number of streams

    • Ixia: L3, L4 or vlan headers can be turned off/on, support of 1 NIC connection between DUT and Ixia, bugfixing

    • MoonGen: fix multistream support

    • Xena: option for final verification, JSON refactoring, support for xena pairs topology and port removal options, bugfixes

  • Guest specific:

    • Support for additional QEMU cpu features

    • Support for pinning of vCPU threads

  • Integration tests:

    • New VPP related testcases

    • New multistream testcases focused on L3 and L4 performance of OVS and VPP

8. OPNFV Danube Release

  • Support for testpmd as a vswitch for PVP scenario with vHost User

  • Traffic type naming harmonized with RFC2544

  • Support for step driven performance testcases

  • Scripts with licenses not compatible with Apache 2.0 were isolated in 3rd_party directory

  • Several bugfixes, CI script and documentation updates

  • Installation scripts:

    • Support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and 16.10

    • Support for RHEL7.3

    • Support for CentOS7.3

    • Support for openSUSE Leap 42.2

  • Traffic Generators:

    • Spirent Testcenter: Support for RFC2889 tests

    • Xena: bugfixes and improvements of RFC2544 continuous accuracy

    • MoonGen: bugfixes, code clean up and update of usage instructions

    • Dummy: Support for preconfigured test results

    • Ixia: bugfixes

  • Integration tests:

    • New tests for multi VM scenarios

    • New test for numa vHost awareness feature

  • Configuration changes:

    • Support for OVS, DPDK or QEMU installed from binary packages

    • Support for modification of any configuration parameter or traffic detail via CLI option –test-params or via “Parameters” section of testcase definition

  • Guest specific:

    • Support for multi VM scenarios with VM connected in serial or in parallel

    • Support for VM with 1, 2, 4, 6… network interfaces

    • Support for driver binding option

    • Support for flexible testpmd configuration

    • Support for configurable merge-buffers

    • Support for configurable drive options

    • Support for multi-queue with non testpmd options by Vanilla OVS

    • Support for multi-queue with OVS 2.5.0 or less

    • Remove support for vHost Cuse

9. OPNFV Colorado Release

  • Support for DPDK v16.07

  • Support for yardstick testing framework

  • Support for stp/rstp configuration

  • Support for veth ports and network namespaces

  • Support for multi-queue usage by testpmd loopback app

  • Support for reporting of test execution length

  • Support for MoonGen traffic generator.

  • Support for OVS version 2.5 + DPDK 2.2.

  • Support for DPDK v16.04

  • Support for Xena traffic generator.

  • Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  • Support for mode of operation (trafficgen, trafficgen-off)

  • Support for Integration tests for OVS with DPDK including:

    • Physical ports.

    • Virtual ports (vhost user and vhost cuse).

    • Flow addition and removal tests.

    • Overlay (VXLAN, GRE and NVGRE) encapsulation and decapsulation tests.

  • Supporting configuration of OVS with DPDK through the OVS DB as well as the legacy commandline arguments.

  • Support for VM loopback (SR-IOV) benchmarking.

  • Support for platform baseline benchmarking without a vswitch using testpmd.

  • Support for Spirent Test Center REST APIs.

10. OPNFV Brahmaputra Release

Supports both OVS and OVS with DPDK.

Available tests:

  • phy2phy_tput: LTD.Throughput.RFC2544.PacketLossRatio

  • back2back: LTD.Throughput.RFC2544.BackToBackFrames

  • phy2phy_tput_mod_vlan:LTD.Throughput.RFC2544.PacketLossRatioFrameModification

  • phy2phy_cont: Phy2Phy Continuous Stream

  • pvp_cont: PVP Continuous Stream

  • pvvp_cont: PVVP Continuous Stream

  • phy2phy_scalability:LTD.Scalability.RFC2544.0PacketLoss

  • pvp_tput: LTD.Throughput.RFC2544.PacketLossRatio

  • pvp_back2back: LTD.Throughput.RFC2544.BackToBackFrames

  • pvvp_tput: LTD.Throughput.RFC2544.PacketLossRatio

  • pvvp_back2back: LTD.Throughput.RFC2544.BackToBackFrames

  • phy2phy_cpu_load: LTD.CPU.RFC2544.0PacketLoss

  • phy2phy_mem_load: LTD.Memory.RFC2544.0PacketLoss

Supported deployment scenarios:

  • Physical port -> vSwitch -> Physical port.

  • Physical port -> vSwitch -> VNF -> vSwitch -> Physical port.

  • Physical port -> vSwitch -> VNF -> vSwitch -> VNF -> vSwitch -> Physical port.

Loopback applications in the Guest can be:

  • DPDK testpmd.

  • Linux Bridge.

  • l2fwd Kernel Module.

Supported traffic generators:

  • Ixia: IxOS and IxNet.

  • Spirent.

  • Dummy.

Release Data:





Release designation

Brahmaputra base release

Release date

February 26 2016

Purpose of the delivery

Brahmaputra base release

11. November 2015

  • Support of opnfv_test_dashboard

12. October 2015

  • Support of PVP and PVVP deployment scenarios using Vanilla OVS

13. September 2015

  • Implementation of system statistics based upon pidstat command line tool.

  • Support of PVVP deployment scenario using vhost-cuse and vhost user access methods

14. August 2015

  • Backport and enhancement of reporting

  • PVP deployment scenario testing using vhost-cuse as guest access method

  • Implementation of LTD.Scalability.RFC2544.0PacketLoss testcase

  • Support for background load generation with command line tools like stress and stress-ng

15. July 2015

  • PVP deployment scenario testing using vhost-user as guest access method - Verified on CentOS7 and Fedora 20 - Requires QEMU 2.2.0 and DPDK 2.0

16. May 2015

This is the initial release of a re-designed version of the software based on community feedback. This initial release supports only the Phy2Phy deployment scenario and the LTD.Throughput.RFC2544.PacketLossRatio test - both described in the OPNFV vswitchperf ‘CHARACTERIZE VSWITCH PERFORMANCE FOR TELCO NFV USE CASES LEVEL TEST DESIGN’. The intention is that more test cases will follow once the community has digested the initial release.

  • Performance testing with continuous stream

  • Vanilla OVS support added.

    • Support for non-DPDK OVS build.

    • Build and installation support through Makefile will be added via next patch(Currently it is possible to manually build ovs and setting it in vsperf configuration files).

    • PvP scenario is not yet implemented.

  • CentOS7 support

  • Verified on CentOS7

  • Install & Quickstart documentation

  • Better support for mixing tests types with Deployment Scenarios

  • Re-work based on community feedback of TOIT

  • Framework support for other vSwitches

  • Framework support for non-Ixia traffic generators

  • Framework support for different VNFs

  • Python3

  • Support for biDirectional functionality for ixnet interface