2.2. Anuket Test ResultsΒΆ

ViNePerf CI jobs are run daily and sample results can be found at https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/vsperf/Vsperf+Results

Testcase names shown in the dashboard are combination of orignal testcase name from ViNePerf framework and indication of used vswitch.


Testcase phy2phy_tput is executed for three vSwitch types: OvsDpdkVhost, OvsVanilla and VppDpdkVhost. In this case, following testcase names will be used in the dashboard: phy2phy_tput_ovsdpdkvhost, phy2phy_tput_ovsvanilla and phy2phy_tput_vppdpdkvhost.

In case of RFC2544 Throughput test, the recorded metric is FPS (frames per second) without packet loss. For RFC2544 Back2Back test, the recorded metric is back-to-back value (number of frames) without packet loss.

The loopback application in the VNF used for PVP and PVVP scenarios was DPDK testpmd.

Guest interface types are vhost-user for OvsDpdkVhost and VppDpdkVhost and virtio-net for OvsVanilla.