Index File

The index file must relatively refence your other rst files in that directory.

Here is an example index.rst :

Documentation Title

.. toctree::
   :maxdepth: 2


Source Files

Document source files have to be written in reStructuredText format (rst). Each file would be build as an html page.

Here is an example source rst file :

Chapter Title

Section Title

Subsection Title


Writing RST Markdown

See .

Hint: You can add dedicated contents by using ‘only’ directive with build type (‘html’ and ‘singlehtml’) for OPNFV document. But, this is not encouraged to use since this may make different views.

.. only:: html
    This line will be shown only in html version.

Verify Job

The verify job name is docs-verify-rtd-{branch}.

When you send document changes to gerrit, jenkins will create your documents in HTML formats (normal and single-page) to verify that new document can be built successfully. Please check the jenkins log and artifact carefully. You can improve your document even though if the build job succeeded.

Merge Job

The merge job name is docs-merge-rtd-{branch}.

Once the patch is merged, jenkins will automatically trigger building of the new documentation. This might take about 15 minutes while readthedocs builds the documentatation. The newly built documentation shall show up as appropriate placed in{branch}/path-to-file.